National Talent Search for Paramount Pictures Untitled Feature Film

Cast It Talent is hosting the Official "Untitled Paramount Pictures feature film" online casting call.
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Paramount Pictures is conducting a national talent search for co-starring roles an upcoming untitled comedy feature film. Nine roles are up for grabs with ages from 10 - 20 years old. The head of casting for Paramount Pictures is looking for new unknown talent to fill the roles, and no experience is required to be considered. In addition, talent does not have to be represented by a talent agent.

Paramount Pictures "Untitled Feature Film" Talent Search Details

The following roles are being cast:

[ALISON] Female, 18-20, a pretty, funny, confident girl who thinks she is much more mature than all of the boys she meets, and that's why she's got herself an older DJ boyfriend. Unfortunately for her she's also naive, and her confidence is revealed to be only skin-deep.

[LUCY] Female, 18-20, someone who has been a wallflower most of her life but is just starting to bloom. Although she'll never realize just how beautiful she is, she's starting to think that maybe her time is coming and she's enjoying something of a new found confidence for the first time.

[LISA] Female, 18-20, easy-going to the point of being compliant, Lisa has always gone with the flow and it's served her well. There may come a point though, where the worm turns and when that happens she is not to be messed with.

[JILL] Female, 18-20, a very large girl, with a beautiful face, a great sense of humor, and loads of confidence. She has heard all the jokes about her weight, and is confident and intelligent enough to not worry about them. The role will require stripping to underwear. May possibly have to show her butt.

[MICHELLE] Female, 18-20, the classic attractive girl next door, but this time she's on holiday. She's spent her life so far doing what was expected of her and being sensible, but now she's away on senior trip she doesn't see any reason why she shouldn't let her hair down a bit. Although drinking and falling for a 'bad-boy' is really the extent of it, despite what it looks like to her sweet but irritating ex-boyfriend Matt.

[BEN] Male, 18-20 yrs old, really clever and funny, but can't stop himself sometimes being a pedantic know-it-all, yet he wonders why he's not the popular guy at school. Plenty of get up and go, just sometimes he is heading off a cliff. A virgin at 18.

[MATT] Male, 18-20 yrs old, a funny, hopeless romantic, but one with a hidden explosive temper. Like a lot of teenagers, not malicious but totally oblivious to how his actions might appear to others. Also a virgin. He has had enough chances, he's just blown them. Or not.

[STEVE] Male, 18-20 yrs old, like a stopped clock, he's right twice a day. An optimistic kid with a sunny disposition who lives in and for the moment, mainly because he struggles with concepts like "Past" and "Future". Uncomplicated, something girls seem to find attractive. Tall and lanky, but he can dominate the dance floor!

[JOHNNY] Male, 18-20 yrs old, we all had a friend like Johnny at school, and now we all look back and wonder why we were friends with someone who talked so much BS. A loud mouth who claims success with the ladies, but you never get to meet any of his conquests. Johnny is funny, but fundamentally he is as insecure and screwed up as the rest of them.

To upload an audition video, visit the Official Paramount Pictures "Untitled Feature Film" Talent Search website. Follow the directions very carefully. The talent search is being hosted by industry leader Cast It Talent.

Principal Actor Casting

Joseph Middleton
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Extras Casting

To Be Announced

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


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